Ephemeral Rift

Didgeridoo, Native American Flute and Nature vlog

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Just playing some didgeridoo and Native American Flute out in the Pennsylvania woodlands alongside a trickling stream followed by a vlog about the importance of nature and finding peace of mind.

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Apr 14th 2014 57 Comments
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  43m ago
PeacefulLightSuch a beautiful place *__*
 4h ago
Tyrant EgoEvery time i hear the didgeridoo i think of david crow 
 8h ago
Urara1966I love this.

My friend.
Nature to listen to the sound you are playing.
You can hear the sound of Mother Nature plays.
Beautiful fusion.

Thank you for the breath of life.

I feel the truth of ASMR.
In the five senses or more.
19h ago
David BaschWonder if anyone has ever been walking past and heard this
19h ago
fortune42100thank you so very much for this inspiration, meant a lot.
22h ago
Jim OfTheSmithsYou play with the corner of your mouth too! It's easier that way in my
23h ago
Jonathon MooreNice video, Paul. Kept my attention for a bit lol
1 day ago
righkem1Loved it!
1 day ago
Bobby CraftI know of the positive energy that you are talking about. Its a feeling
like everything is renewing, refreshing, relaxing, and coming together how
it is supposed to be. Its like you become in sync with the nature and world
around you, and nothing else really matters. That's the only way I can
explain it. Love the flute, and the new instrument tthat I can't seem to
name. Awesome job, wish I could enjoy that nature with you.
1 day ago
Henry SmolenYou have such a weird yet impressive set of skills ;P. Another great video
Paul, thanks.
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