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ASMR Let's Play Skyrim #6 (Restarting on PC) - Riverwood & Embershard Mine

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Relaxing playthrough of Skyrim on the PC now since I've upgraded my system. I've had to restart the game, but not from the complete beginning. Luckily we weren't too far into it, so Bleak Falls Barrow will be next. Sorry I forgot to read a book at the end of this episode.

Thanks for watching!

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What is ASMR? Why am I whispering?

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Sep 2nd 2014 36 Comments
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  44m ago
Fjorkvar Wulfharthwhy is this episode 6 and episode 4 was changed to episode 5?
 4h ago
rtdtdgdfgWhat PC specs do you have ?
 5h ago
BaSEkillER LPpls more skyrim on pc :o
 6h ago
Andrew McGillSince you're now playing on PC I'd def look into mods if I were you.
They're are some great ones out there that make the game 1000x better, just
look around on nexus mods or the workshop, it's not that complicated either
in case you're not too tech savvy. 
 8h ago
LostSeekerEphemeral PLEASE READ THIS: I really dislike the stormcloacks for multiple
reasons to give you context as to why let me explain. The stormcloacks
remind me of the barbarian reachmen of the surrounding areas of falkreath
who attack everyone. The stormcloacks only believe in a Skyrim for the
nords. Ulfric only wants to secure power for himself. The empire supports
peace and civilization. They aren't exactly a fan of the thalmor they were
forced into the current situation. They are attempting to gain strength
for the next great war against the elf's in fact. the thalmor secretly
caused the civil war to weaken the empire and if the stormcloacks win the
thalmor have every province divided. Please pick the Empire.
 8h ago
TheTwyzlWhat are the graphics settings of his skyrim?
 8h ago
mehmeh480Look for Skywind mod when it finally finishes. I love mods for the reason
they fix problems that Bethesda were too lazy to fix, and the creativity
that can go into some of the mods is amazing. I enjoy the story mods the
most. I know there are a ton of junk ones out there too. So for that you
would need to read into it or at least try it.
 8h ago
ClaudioSanchezCCNice man! be good to see Dr Clemmons have a play through of Skyrim like he
did with minecraft! ;)
 8h ago
OhManTFEPC master raaaaaaaaace!