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Beddy-bye Time with Corvus - "Friendships" & What have you experienced & learned today?

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It's beddy-bye time with Corvus Clemmons, ASMR Plague Doctor, where he asks: what have you done today that was special and what have you learned? Herr doctor also talks about what he learned: Friendships that come to an end.

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Stay snuggly!
Apr 23rd 2014 36 Comments
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 1h ago
Frank BennettCan you do another relaxation session with this character? They're always
 6h ago
No Stars In The PerimeterYou didn't lose a friend over the Jesus joke did you doc? I thought the
dirty dozen reference was hilarious. I'm a big movie buff and just the day
before you put out the vid I was telling my wife about the dirty dozen..
What a coinc-e-dink. Twelve is an interesting number, there are quite a few
things that have 12 in it. For instance: numbers on a (regular) clock,
zodiac signs, months in a year, inches in a foot, disciples, dirties, etc.
I'm sure I'm missing a lot more
 6h ago
Derek MichaelAgree totally
 8h ago
Urara1966Sweet Dreams.;)
10h ago
Dazzle Dazeyou're so funny this character. 
13h ago
TridecalogismIs it a coincidence that Corvus' initials are the same as the Centre for
Disease Control, considering Corvus is a plague doctor?
14h ago
DaTux91Today I woke up and took my allergy medicin. That's pretty much it so far
:P I'll come back to leave a proper response tonight though, if I don't
15h ago
Micah SedilloEphemeral Rift, You are one of the few men of the asmr community that truly
can relax me thanks for all the hard work!
16h ago
sarge74745Today I realized that you can't really seek romance and expect to find it
with everyone, no matter how hard you try to make it happen. Sometimes it's
best to cut your losses early when you notice an end in the tracks ahead.
16h ago
isnissenI just woke up. Lol