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The Whispering Dead - Season 5 Episode 2 - Fan Talk on AMC's The Walking Dead [ ASMR ]

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Welcome to the The Whispering Dead, a weekly vlog where new host Frank Walker discusses the latest episode of AMC's The Walking Dead TV Show. Unfortunately Frank was unable to host this week due to some business he had to take care of up at Innsmouth. In this episode I share my thoughts about Episode 2 "Strangers in a Strange Land". I would love to hear what you think, so feel free to leave a comment with your thoughts about the show and we'll read some of them in the next episode!

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Oct 20th 2014 154 Comments
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24h ago
DatGanjaSmugglaI just realized the actor for Bob was also a major character on the wire.
Crazy that it took me so long to connect the dots. 
1 day ago
Muffin ButtonWouldnt it be great if when they ate him, they got some of the infection
that bob probably has from the zombie bite and they die from that? It would
be just brilliant.
1 day ago
Drew GrifflesBTW Carol was in the comics. She was younger, had no husband, was at the
Atanta camp, and comitted suicide before the prison fell.
1 day ago
PacTheOnehere is my problem with episode two: the priest (dont know the name of the
actor) was an excellent actor in "the wire" and of course in this episode
aswell. But seeing actors from another movie or tv series is always rough
for me. In other words, the walking dead wouldn't be successful with known
actors since it doesn't feel new and exciting. Imagine the series with
bruce willis as Rick and the son of Will smith as karl or similar. That´ll
be awful. So its not the qualiti of the actor (which is sperb) but the fact
that somewhere in my mind i´m like: Yeah hes actually a cop in Boston. I
really like unknown actors.. or is it just me
1 day ago
Srdjan MaksimovicI don't really understand the people who complained about the S5E1 cannibal
throat slitting scene. The show is called "The Walking Dead." That sort of
stuff is to be expected. I thought the ending to tonights episode was
crazy. . .didn't see the "I'm eating you in front of you" thing coming.
1 day ago
Timmity3+Ephemeral Rift, hey I find you're doing a lot of this kind of stuff
lately, reviews, talking and such, and I don't mind it, but would you
consider getting a separate channel for gaming, chatting and reviews, and
keep this channel for characters, sanctuary and special videos like nut
sack relaxation and such?
1 day ago
ImPopular BayzI hate when the whole group is happy and having a good time because it
always means that people are going to die. I know that bob wasn't the best
or cherished character, but how they were eating him made me so mad.
1 day ago
Сергей ЛызинLots of last videos you have too much saliva. Sometimes it's too annoying
1 day ago
LinkansTVFacial hair looking good E.R
1 day ago
900HotchBob is bit! I am 100 percent sure of it! And it is Dale in the comics who
gets eaten by the hunters
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