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The Side Effects of Being Human - ASMR Supportive Friend / Mental Health vlog

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I act as a supportive friend while rowing my boat down a winding stream of consciousness that contains my unadulterated thoughts, views, feelings, advice, knowledge and experiences on a wide variety of mental health topics primarily suggested by viewers that they themselves or someone they know are dealing with. I also swear. A lot. Sorry, but I get very emotional and defensive whenever I talk about how people are mistreated in this world. What can I say, I wear my heart proudly on my throat.

Please remember - if you are having suicidal thoughts, dealing with severe depression, self-harm, etc., please call a national or local hot-line, emergency office, etc.

List of Suicide Crisis Lines: http://bit.ly/1oYV5wr

I call this "The Side Effects of Being Human" after compiling the list of topics provided by viewers and seeing how it looks like the side effects listed on a prescription drug label. Says a lot about our species.

Much love, peace and respect to you and yours always.
- ER / Uncle E ;)

00:00 Intro
11:55 - Fire symbolism
22:00 - The list of viewer provided topics
24:50 - Lack of mental health education
37:39 - Suicidal thoughts & suicide
44:23 - The animal inside us - Fear & anger
46:58 - Ignorance (bigotry, racism, sexism, etc.)
52:37 - We're all perfectly imperfect - Fake people & inadequacy
54:45 - Being balanced
57:30 - Makeup / Fear of social rejection
59:00 - Don't let the wrong people rent space in your head
59:58 & 1:04:50 - Pick your head up - Be confident
1:00:34 - Why I run my channel
1:02:41 - Don't allow yourself to be someone's peg
1:03:25 - Fuck the world (but be caring) !
1:04:00 - My mantras
1:05:44 - The power of positive words
1:10:24 - This too shall pass
1:13:30 - My broken jaw
1:15:25 - Seeking revenge
1:19:08 - Being stoic
1:20:37 - Being progressive (minded)
1:21:19 - Pros and cons of being alone
1:25:00 - Nicholas James Vujicic: http://bit.ly/1sMelSp
1:25:25 - Perspective / Someone always has it worse off
1:26:11 - Keeping a simple perspective
1:26:24 - Being constructive
1:28:15 - Want of a simple life - Respect for Indigenous People
1:29:22 - Be happy with what you have, who & where you are
1:30:17 - 1:45:39 - Be the King / Queen of your Mental Realm
1:32:20 - Self management - Taking ownership / accountability
1:36:40 - Addiction to opiates & medication - Effects of bullying
1:40:14 - You have the power to beat your addictions!
1:44:13 - K.I.S.S. (Keep it Simple Stupid) - Live in the moment!
1:47:13 - How far I've come - Managing emotions
1:48:52 - Being alone - "Alone in a crowd"
1:52:11 - Guilt - It's okay to make mistakes! Forgiving yourself
1:55:17 - Self-harm - You can beat it!
1:56:19 - My channel is my outlet, my catharsis, my "therapy"
1:57:33 - One thing / moment at a time (K.I.S.S)
2:00:14 - Overthinking / Existential questions
2:01:26 - It's okay to say no (especially to toxic people)
2:02:37 - Cyber bullying
2:02:48 - How to be a supportive friend
2:06:35 - Dealing with the holidays - Military personnel
2:06:57 - Why I left my personal Facebook
2:08:56 - Purpose - Nihilism - Making life meaningful
2:11:39 - Loss of loved ones
2:13:29 - Worrying - Can't worry about what you can't control
2:17:34 - Abuse (abusive / neglective parents)
2:19:56 & 2:22:58 - People turning on you - Trust
2:20:58 - Finding inspiration - Grow, take risks, try new things
2:22:01 - Never let 'em see you sweat
2:22:43 - Be present - Don't stay lost in your head
2:23:41 - Physical disabilities & conditions
2:25:13 - Final thoughts

Fireplace sounds were recorded separately and added in post.

Viewer Input Requested for this video: http://youtu.be/h2WNwSP_Z1k

My first Supportive Friend video: http://youtu.be/9DvIWjy5-Pc

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Dec 19th 2014 310 Comments
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11h ago
msr47 gaming18002738255 is the national suicide hotline.

If you don't fit in don't worry you don't have to be cool hip make you own
path make mistakes the number one thing that stops people from there dream
job is the fear of mistakes or that boyfriend that cheated on you with
someone no one is ever perfect not one person but you. Think the definition
of perfection is to have nothing wrong with you but you can create your own
life we are all one race we are the human race if we were to stop war and
start working together we could be better world now think about your Family
your mom and dad sister or brothers they are going to miss you and they
would think they did it and pushed to far they may commit suicide 
17h ago
Bacon EcstasyE, I just want to say I love you, man. And there in fact might be a little
homo in that haha. But on a serious note, this video was everything I've
ever wanted to say about society. I feel in every bit the same way you do
on these topics. You really touched a tender spot inside me with this
video. There were certain parts where I broke down and cried. You can bet
that I will use what I have reflected upon in this video to strive to
continue to make myself a better person. Thank you for that.
20h ago
Caroline ASMR"You need to find solace in your situation. You need to find the good in
the situation." This is great advice that I think works in many different
life situatons ^_^ Sometimes it's easy to let the negative things in life
get you down, even when there are a lot of good things happening. This
quote from you is something I'll keep in the front of my mind. I haven't
made it all the way through this video yet, but thanks for being so
relatable and helpful, Paul.
22h ago
LLOYD'S ASMRVery, very awesome job with this video! Very insiprational and very well
said! I must check out the other video that you mentioned. Alot of things
in this video have hit home for me, experiences, thoughts, beliefs, etc.
1 day ago
ibrah imovichYour too awesome man seriously, you are such a kind and caring human being
that wants to make other people happy and to keep their head up and look
forward to the future, but I have one question that isn't really to do with
this topic but what would be your view on the reason us humans are existent
to earth when there is an apparent heaven that sounds like a wonderful
stress free and just overwhelming place with strong emotions and joyful
golden rivers and brightness, why do we have to be in purgatory where all
kinds of evil is going on. and yeah I'm really expansive in talking s**t.
1 day ago
Niclas AaboI've been watching your channel for a little over 2 years now, and i gotta
say, you've really helped me out. I was very depressed, during 2012, and
2013 and these ASMR videos kept me from thinking to much about it. When you
started making these psychology related video, i could also relate to
pretty much everything you said, and i while watching this video, i started
thinking and realized that i actually overcame my anxiety because of you.
When i was younger, i felt anxious and hated going to birthday parties, and
pretty much all social activities, like going to the store to buy
something, but now that i've overcome this anxiety, i can go to these
things, without a problem. I actually ended up being one of the "popular
kids" in school. So as you can see, you've had a huge influence on my life
and for that i thank you. I'm only 14, so i still have a long life ahead of
me, and if i kept being depressed, my life would be way worse and maybe i
would even have considered committing suicide.
1 day ago
Sherlock inHDI have this strange sadness when watching your videos. You're so super
awesome and interesting that I just feel I need someone like that in life
to just listen to all day.

Stay awesome, Paul.
1 day ago
StaticSkaterCould do a Christmas roleplay? My family wont be having it this year due to
financial issues 
1 day ago
Tandia LittleCloverWhispersThank you for reaching out and discussing subjects that are not always easy
to bring up. You did an amazing job. I cannot even begin to explain how
important, and helpful this is to me, and to others (perhaps not even in
the ASMR community). The more information we know, and the more we talk
about it, the more successful we are at helping other people, and
Thank you for comforting this silly eighteen year old. 
1 day ago
subscribeBeing happy with what you have is one of best tips to give people. Like i
know that im getting nothing for xmas. And im just laughing in my head when
i hear that some kids get ps4. And i just laugh when i see people with new
big houses and i have been living in house thats dangerous for healt and we
shouldnt live there. Then we must leave our house, throw everything away
and start our life again. But im happy that i have i live under any roof
and i have food almost everytime. And even that i might dont have house,
food, clothess im happy that i have my family. Altought i love to be alone
more than anything but i still love my family. And even that i have more
problems that most of kids in worlds most succesfull country(Finland), im
happy with what i have